7 Reasons Everyone Loves Mama Roz

Featuring a number of sound differentiations, Mama Roz is truly catered toward consumers who insist upon the highest standard of product in the market with reasonable price. Value comes with the benefits that reflect from Mama Roz’ assurance of freshness, quality and convenience.

1. Ultimate Freshness +

Fresh juice tends to lose its freshness and natural aroma fast if stored improperly such in large volume bottles. Furthermore, frequent removal, in-and-out from chiller could spoil the entire juice easily. To solve such problem, Mama Roz has invented different serving standard using a single-serving, 250-ml bottles protected with security seal. Bottle is opened only when it’s served. This is to ensure the “freshly made” quality every time it’s consumed.

2. Freshly Made & Delivered Every Time +

Prepared based on customer’s request only. Guaranteed freshness every time. No standby stock made. No industrial process and long storage. In fact, production and delivery are done just-in-time for scheduled delivery.

3. Real Fresh Fruit (Not Concentrate) +

Extracted completely from real fresh fruits such as imported Australian Sunkist, Californian Lemon, New Zealand Kiwi, etc. No artificial, industrial concentrate added, simply fresh and natural fruits like home made taste quality. Taste our generous fruit pulp!

4. Absolutely No Preservative +

No preservative, coloring, emulsifier, stabilizer or any artificial substances to extend product shelf life. Mama Roz’ priority is freshness not shelf life. We are against preservative because of its negative health risk over long period. Besides, our natural method ensures nutrition, vitamins and living enzymes are intact, unspoiled. Taste immediate fresh sensation only from Mama Roz!

+ 5. Quality Assurance

Prepared through a series of rigid process from raw material selection, chemical and physical analysis, proprietary formulation and secure sealing. With such strict quality control, customer can expect consistency in freshness and quality every time. Mama Roz has received HACCP Certification in 2016.

+ 6. Extensive Product Range

With 10 products to choose from, Mama Roz could satisfy every discerning palate. Try our one-of-a-kind, nutrient-rich Avocado, one of the richest fruit in antioxidant. All fresh, pure, natural and healthy!

+ 7. Recognized Premium Brand

Mama Roz has been No 1 selling juice in Foodhall, Ranch Market, Kem Chicks, Total& Al Fresh for more than 10 years in a row. A large number of patrons have been our loyal supporters since their first trial.

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