7 Multiple Benefits

Mama Roz provides numerous benefits including cost, time and effort eliminating
the tedious process of preparing freshly squeezed juice in-house.

1. Increase in Drink Revenue

Management often finds difficulty in handling fresh fruit. As a result, only limited freshly squeezed juice offered in the menu.

In reality, real fresh juice is more popular due to it’s superior taste compared to long shelf-life juice (or concentrate).

With Mama Roz, the management can have extensive menu of freshly squeezed juice effortlessly.

2. Direct Cost Saving

Each bottle of Mama Roz Orange contains 250 ml orange juice extracted from 0.75kg Sunkist. Such amount of IMPORTED Sunkist costs about Rp30,000 (=0.75/1kg X Rp40,000) in the market.

This cost doesn’t include waste, labor, electricity and machine depreciation yet. At Rp20,000per bottle (ready to-serve), Mama Roz brings cost saving Rp 10,000 per bottle. Not to mention the time & effort savings.

3. Bitter Free

Manual juicing often results in over pressure orange juice creating undesirable bitterness. Mama Roz proprietary process ensures every drop of fresh, bitter-free juice even after several days.

4. Saving in Equipment

No investment in juicer. Reliable, commercial juicer unit can cost about U$1,000 & blender at U$600.

5. Saving in Storage

Keeping whole fresh fruit in chiller takes valuable space that can be better allocated for otherhigh value food items.

“If you can’t be first in a category, change the nature of the category or set up a new category you can be first in” “22 Immutable Laws of Marketing” by Al Ries& Jack Trout

6. Quality and Price Consistency

Quality is thoroughly controlled through a set of parameters such as visual condition, brix (degree of sweetness), acidity, pH, etc. to ensure consistency every time. Besides, our prices tend to be more stable than fresh fruit which often fluctuates along with market supply and demand. Thus, our product costs becomes quite predictable.

7. Premium Image

Packaging design undoubtedly correlates to quality. Mama Roz exclusive bottle design combined with classic maroon and copper gold label in some way project a class by itself. Furthermore, we provide attractively designed menu and standing banner reinforce strong visual presentation from first glance.